Keep yourself organized. Use time efficiently.

Planit is a simple planning app. You can create to-dos, lists, and calendar events, all in one place. Todos are time-assigned. List items are not. You can export your calendar events into other calendars or download it as an .ics file. Planit is responsive and easy to view on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Become better organized

Mobile apps are on their way

Planit was built mobile-first. So until, then you can enjoy the entire site functionality on mobile using whatever web browser you deem fit.


See how many tasks you have yet to do.


Plan out your day, week, or month.

See it in action


Explore the site here... or just sign up and see for yourself!

view of planit's dashboard page
view of planit's lists page
view of planit's calendar page

Planit is my greatest discovery since relativity!

Albert Einstein

Interested in contributing?

Planits open source, with lots of room to grow or change. Have a feature you miss? Help us build it.

See source in Github